Dr. Nyanyiwe Masingi Mbeye

Dr. Nyanyiwe Masingi Mbeye

BSc N, UCM, MPH, MSc Epi, PhD

  • Lecturer, Public Health and Epidemiology
  • Coordinator, MBBS III Community health Rotation
  • Founder, Evidence Informed Decision-making Centre (EvIDenCe)


I have been instrumental in applying an innovative approach to most of the research studies known as Integrated Knowledge Translation to facilitate the uptake of research findings for decision making, This, we believe enhances policy makers’ understanding of the research being undertaken and promote uptake of the findings to inform policy and practice decisions. 

I am a seasoned trainer in systematic reviews, rapid evidence synthesis, evidence informed policy making, protocol development, research methods, evidence based public health, and evidence informed decision-making. Previously, I have worked as a reproductive health program officer with Jhpiego, a technical advisor for a reproductive health non-governmental organization and have been the Principal Investigator for several research studies. 

Additionally, I have worked as a consultant on several projects. My systematic review on task-shifting of pharmacy services informed the development of related WHO guidelines. I specialized in systematic reviews and knowledge translation during my postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for Evidence Based Health Care, Stellenbosch University in Cape Town (South Africa). I leveraged my training and experience in using research evidence for decision-making to establish the first-ever academic unit in Evidence-Informed Decision Making at the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences.