Master of Science in Nursing and Midwifery Education

Course Description
Why (study) the programme

The overall aim of the Master of Science in Nursing and Midwifery Education programme is to produce nurse / midwife educators who can function at an advanced level in nursing and midwifery educational institutions in Malawi and beyond. This programme enables the graduates to be clinically and theoretically competent, to conduct nursing and midwifery education, leadership and research.  

Programme structure

The programme is offered in two years on a full time basis comprising two semesters in year one and two. A blended teaching/learning approach informs the design and delivery of full time program and is based on the principles of adult education, theory in practice and increasing access for working professionals to advance education. Thus, the elements of delivery in this programme are:

On campus, face-face teaching sessions delivered through one block per semester, of three to four weeks each.

Decentralized regional reflective practice and support groups. Faculty facilitate these groups in the different geographical areas in which registered students live and work.

Electronic learning/teaching (google classrooms and zoom) sessions comprising case studies and self evaluation exercises are utilized. 

Career prospects

There are several opportunities for nursing and midwifery education graduates. Some of them work as researchers and lecturers in health training institutions. Other career options for nursing education degree holders include working with government agencies as a community educator, coordinators. Some choose to be in the hospital as a regular nurse or become consultants and evaluate curricula for educational institutions or work with various certification bodies like Nurses’ Council of Malawi. With this program our graduates have an opportunity to undertake further study a PhD in nursing and midwifery education, higher education, research, management, curriculum design and development, policy development inter alia

Entry Requirements

Applicants to be admitted into this programme should have any of the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery 

Bachelor of Science in Adult Health Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Mental Health)

Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

Bachelor of Science in Child Health Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Community Health Nursing

Other relevant qualifications as may be determined by the University 

Applicants with credits and strong passes in their first degrees will have an added advantage. All applicants will be expected to have not less than two years of nursing and midwifery experience after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree.  

How to Apply

Calls for applications for masters’ students are advertised all-year round on the university’s website, Applications are made through a postgraduate application form downloadable from the website and submitted to the office of the Assistant Registrar. 

Applications are advertised twice a year. 

For more information, visit the Central registry. Potential candidates may be invited for oral interviews.

Applications for this postgraduate programme should include:

A completed postgraduate application form. The forms are available at or KUHeS Central Registry 

Sealed academic transcripts  

Curriculum vitae

Authenticated copies of academic certificates (by a lawyer, magistrate, or registrar of the awarding institution) 

Authenticated copies of professional registration certificates where applicable (from Nurses & Midwives council or Medical Council)

Letter of release from employers (if employed) 

Proof of funding (e.g. sponsorship agreement letter). Where applicants intend to sponsor themselves, copies of appropriate financial records must be submitted e.g. bank reference.

Reference letters (one academic and one professional) 

Personal goal statement that is congruent with the program goals.

Description of research interest area that is congruent with the Malawi Health Research agenda.  A sample of scholarly work-preferably published work.

A non-refundable application fee of MK10000.00 for Malawians and $30.00 for non-Malawians. Payment should be made to: 


Application forms that do not meet the requirements stated above will not be processed. Completed application should be sent to:

The Registrar, Kamuzu University of Health Sciences College of Medicine Private Bag 360  Chichiri Blantyre 3, Malawi Attention: Assistant Registrar (Academic) Tel: + 265 (0) 1 874 107, Fax +265 (0) 1 874 700 E-mail:  Copy:

These documents must be duly certified as true copies of the originals by a recognized Commissioner of Oaths. 

Applicants are also required to include the following items in their application:

  1. Original proof of availability of funds for training i.e. official sponsorship letter or bank statements of the applicant. 
  2. Copy of a bank deposit slip showing the name of the applicant and the amount of application fee paid. 
  3. Official reference letter(s) from the current and/or previous employer(s) showing proof of at least 2 years relevant work experience. 
Tuition and Fees
YEAR 1    
Tuition                3,751,530                             5,175                8,383.00 
Board & Lodge                1,713,960                             2,364                    2,364 
Book  Allowance                  155,940                                 215                        215 
Research                  318,780                                 440                        440 
Sub-Totals                2,188,680                             3,019                    3,019 
Grand Totals                5,940,210                             8,193                  11,402 
YEAR 2    
Tuition                4,349,070                             5,999                9,418.00 
Board & Lodge                1,713,960                             2,364                    2,364 
Book  Allowance                  155,940                                 215                        215 
Research                  318,780                                 440                        440 
Sub-Totals                2,188,680                             3,019                    3,019 
                 6,537,750                             9,018                  12,437 

Scholarships/ Funding

Highly competitive funding and scholarship opportunities are available on merit basis. For more information about funding and scholarships for Masters students, contact the Scholarships office on .