Press Release – Fees adjustment announcement

The Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) would like to inform the public that the fees for all the  generic undergraduate students have been adjusted upwards. This follows the Malawi Government’s approval to  adjust the tuition fees for all generic undergraduate students at KUHeS to One Million Kwacha (K1,000,000.00)  effective the 2023/24 academic year. The approval followed the recommendations made by the KUHeS Council  consistent with Section 11 (2) (d) of the KUHeS Act No. 20 of 2019 which empowers it to determine fees to be  charged to students after consideration of Senate recommendations. 

KUHeS followed a long consultative approach with all stakeholders before adjusting its fees. For example,  its Senate paper on fees was developed by a task force comprising members of Management, Student  Representatives, and Representatives from the Parents Students Association of Malawi. The report from the  task force was considered and approved by the Senate which in turn recommended to the KUHeS Council  following the powers vested in the Senate under Section 28 (1) of the KUHeS Act, one of which states: “to make  recommendations to the Council on fees to be charged to students of the University.”  

The decision to revise tuition fees was arrived at having taken into consideration the following: 

i.  To charge a reasonable amount of financial contribution students can make towards their training at KUHeS which currently costs between MWK10,457,053.92 to MWK15,245,327.67 per student per  academic year.  

ii.  The tuition fees for KUHeS were last revised in 2016 and going by the rate of inflation, today’s equivalent of the 2016 fees is around MWK1,653, 683.01 which is more than the MK1 million. 

iii.  The need to maintain high standards and high quality of teaching and learning, given that the quality   of students who graduate from KUHeS has a direct bearing on the quality of health care professionals who serve Malawians. 

iv.  KUHeS is probably the only public university that has unique teaching and learning approaches that combine the classroom, the clinic and community environments. These approaches make teaching  and learning more expensive than in the traditional classroom only approach. 

For enquiries: 

The Registrar, 

Kamuzu University of Health Sciences, 

Private Bag 360, 

Blantyre 3. 



 8th December, 2023