The senate

The Senate is the supreme decision-making body on academic matters of the university and is responsible for regulating such matters as academic standards, approval of curriculum and academic programmes of the university, recommending of fees to council, etc. The senate is composed of the following members:

  1. The Vice- Chancellor
  2. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  3. All Executive Deans
  4. The Librarian
  5. One member from each academic school elected in accordance with relevant statutes
  6. One Female and one male member elected by the student representative Council of the University one of whom is a postgraduate student
  7. Directors of Centres and Institutes of the University
  8. One Professor or senior member of academic staff from each school
  9. Two professors or senior members of the academic staff from other public universities
  10. Such other members, not exceeding three as may be coopted by the Senate