Press Release – Opening of 2023 Academic Year

Press Release – Opening of 2023 Academic Year

The Kamuzu University of Health Sciences is pleased to announce the commencement of the 2023 Undergraduate Academic Year as follows;


a) All foundation year, first year generic, first year direct entry, first year upgrading, first year mature entry and University Certificate in Midwifery students shall commence their academic year on Monday, 13 th February 2023.

b) All continuing students shall commence their academic year on Monday, 20 th February 2023.


Students from different programs shall report to our various campuses as follows;

A. Blantyre Campus behind Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH):

1. Bachelor of Science in Adult Health Nursing- year 2

2. Bachelor of Science in Child Health Nursing – year 2

3. Bachelor of Science in Community Health Nursing- year 2

4. Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing – year 2

5. Bachelor of Science in Midwifery – year 2

B. Blantyre Campus along Mahatma Gandhi Road

1. Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery

2. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science

3. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

4. Bachelor of Pharmacy

5. Bachelor of Dental Surgery

6. Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics

7. Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences

8. Bachelor of Science in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

9. Bachelor of Science in General Surgery10. Bachelor of Science in Internal Medicine

11. Bachelor of Science in Paediatrics and Child Health

12. Bachelor of Science in Palliative Care

13. Bachelor of Science in Trauma and Orthopedics

14. Bachelor of Science in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

15. Bachelor of Science in Health Management

C. Kameza Campus near Kameza round about in Blantyre:

1. Bachelor of Science in Adult Health Nursing – years 1,3 and 4

2. Bachelor of Science in Child Health Nursing – years 1, 3 and 4

3. Bachelor of Science in Community Health Nursing – years 1, 3 and 4

4. Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing – years 1, 3, and 4

5. Bachelor of Science in Midwifery – years 1, 3, and 4

D. Lilongwe Campus near Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH):

1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery (Generic)

2. Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery- Year 3

3. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery (Upgrading)

4. Bachelor of Science in Adult Health Nursing (Mature entry)

5. Bachelor of Science in Child Health Nursing (Mature entry)

6. Bachelor of Science in Community Health Nursing (Mature entry)

7. Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing (Mature entry)

8. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery Education (Mature entry)

9. Bachelor of Science in Health Service Management (Mature entry)

10. Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (Mature entry)

11. University Certificate in Midwifery.


All new students, whether local, international, upgrading or mature should report to their respective campuses for orientation that will run from 14th to 17th February, 2023. It is a MUST that all new students attend the orientation programme.


Registration period shall be from the opening date 20th February, 2023 to 5th March, 2023. Students are reminded that rules and regulations pertainingto registration process shall apply and therefore must be strictly adhered to.

All new students are required to bring an original MSCE certificate, two passport size photographs and a National ID which will aid their registration process.


The University has limited accommodation and therefore all new students who have not been offered accommodation are being advised to search for accommodation closer to the campus they have been assigned to.

New students who have been offered accommodation are expected to arrive on campus on Monday 13th February, 2023.

Continuing students who have been offered accommodation are expected to arrive on campus on onday 20th February, 2023. Classes will begin on Tuesday 21st February 2023.

Students who have been offered University accommodation shall only be granted access after paying 50% of the required semester rentals.

Information about students that have been offered accommodation is available on the University’s website:


Financial contribution/Tuition fees for the academic year remains the same and students are expected to deposit the same in the respective bank accounts as advised in the offer letters. The University does not receive cash or cheque payments. Please indicate student name, registration number (account number), program and year of study on the deposit slip.

The financial contribution/tuition fees may be paid in full at the beginning of the year or 50% of the annual fee at the beginning of each semester. Please be reminded that students who have not paid the required tuition fees within the registration period will not be registered as per University Policy, “No fees

No Registration”.


In addition to the University’s recommended financial contribution, first year nursing and midwifery generic and direct entry students are required to bring the following:

1. K60, 000 Nurses Council Indexing and Professional File fees to be paid directly to the Council within 30 days of registration. Please do not deposit this money into the University bank account.

2. Uniform:

a. Females – 2 white dresses (or skirt & blouse / pair of trousers and blouse) and 2 Nurses’ caps.

b. Males – 2 white safari suits and 2 epaulets.

c. All students – 2 pairs of black covered flat shoes

3. Stethoscope

4. Thermometer

5. Nurses’ Watch

6. Blood Pressure machine

7. A blue or white cardigan for females

8. A green apron for females

9. A green dust coat for males

10. A pair of white gumboots

11. A name tag

12. Face masks

We look forward to your returning to and joining the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences.

For further enquiries, please contact

The Registrar

Kamuzu University of Health Sciences

Private Bag 360, Chichiri

Blantyre 3

Tel: 01 871 911, 01 871498, 01876 058

Fax: 01 870 744



Offline digital library – SolarSPELL

The Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) management team, headed by The Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (ADVC) Associate Professor Belinda Gombachika, on 6th January 2023 hosted a team from Arizona State University who are in Malawi to train KUHeS library staff on an offline library project called SolarSPELL.

SolarSPELL is an offline, digital library initiative that empowers learners globally with an approach that combines curated digital libraries; solar-powered, offline technology; and training to build information literacy and internet-ready skills, focusing on the half of the world that remains unconnected. SolarSPELL’s solar-powered, offline technology is rugged and ultra-portable so that it can go anywhere and reach anyone, even in the most remote locations. The offline digital library mimics an online experience by generating its own offline Wi-Fi hotspot to which any Wi-Fi capable device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) can connect. Once connected, users can freely and safely explore, download, and share the library’s thousands of open access resources. Using a train-the-trainer model and working with in-field partners, such as Peace Corps, the UN Refugee Agency, and government ministries, SolarSPELL digital libraries are paired with locally based trainers to build crucial skills among users and ensure long-term, sustainable impact

SolarSPELL offline digital library collections include Nursing and Midwifery library and Biomedical technology library and KUHeS’ School of Nursing, School of Maternal and Neonatal Reproductive Health and School of Life Sciences and Allied Health Professions are the direct beneficiaries of this initiave.

Speaking on behalf of the ADVC, The Acting Executive Dean of The School of Nursing Dr. Winnie Chilemba said that this is a very good initiative for KUHeS since in the absence of electricity power lecturers and students would still be able to access relevant materials that can support their projects and programmes. She said the School of Nursing students, go all over the country including remote areas such as district hospitals and remote communities to do their studies and the issue of lack of electricity power and power interruptions are quite common but this will be a thing of the past with SolarSPELL.

KUHeS is the first education institution in Malawi to benefit from this initiative.

Minister of health tours proposed site for USD 1bn KUHeS hospital city

The Minister of Health Honorouble Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda toured the proposed site for the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences hospital city in Chileka on Friday 2nd December, 2022. Hon. Chiponda was in the company of Member of Parliament for Blantyre West Constituency, KUHeS’ Vice Chancellor, officials from Blantyre District Council, chiefs from Chileka and some staff and management of KUHeS.

Before the tour, Hon. Chiponda held a meeting with the traditional chiefs from the surrounding villages to appreciate how they anticipated the upcoming development and the progress of preparations for the project.

Chaponda said she was very grateful to the people of Chileka and the chiefs for providing this land for this project which she said was in line with Malawi 2063 development agenda and the Sustainable development goals whose goal number 3 talks about good health and well-being.

“To us as Ministry of Health this is a very exciting project because it comes to solve several health challenges that we had due to lack of proper infrastructure and specialized equipment to do some medical procedures. Consequently, we ended up sending patients to India and other international countries so that they can get the required medical assistance. This is costly. As of today, my office has over 400 people on the waiting list to go outside Malawi for medical attention. The coming in of this hospital city will fix this challenge” said Chiponda.

She went on to say the importance of this hospital city in boosting the country’s economy cannot be overemphasized.

“Malawi will boost its economy through the medical tourism that will be made possible through this hospital. Not only that but also the hospital city will provide job opportunities to several Malawians, so there are a lot of positives that will come out of this facility.” Emphasized Chaponda.

Speaking on behalf of the traditional chiefs, Senior Chief Kuntaja said he was very happy with the development which he said would be one of its kind in Malawi.

“People from this community used to travel to Queen Elizabeth Central hospital to receive medical assistance but the coming of this development is a dream come true to me and the people of this community. However, this hospital is not only a win for the people in this community but also the whole country, continent and the rest of the world” said Kuntaja.

Commenting on land acquisition processes, Senior Chief Kuntaja assured the gathering that everything was in place.

“This land has not only been given to government by me or the chiefs but we have followed the proper procedures through the Blantyre District council office, and everyone that has provided land will be properly compensated hence there is no need for any sort of panic” Assured Kuntaja.

On his part, Vice Chancellor for KUHeS Professor MacPherson Mallewa said the hospital is a game changer. He said the idea of this hospital is to make sure Malawi is able to solve all its complicated medical issues within the country.

“This is a very exciting moment, not only for KUHeS but also the entire nation. The project will start as soon as all the necessary formalities have been made for instance feasibility studies, impact assessment studies and others. The idea is that all the components of the city namely hospital, housing, shopping complex, conference centre, recreational centre, hotel will start at the same time”. He said.

The USD 1 billion hospital which will have satellites in Mangochi, Lilongwe and Mzuzu is expected to be completed by 2027.

USD1 billion KUHeS hospital city among the first projects to roll out

The Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) hosted Bridgin Foundation’s President, Prof. Tanko Mouhamadou and Program Director, Christophe Prieels today at KUHeS main campus. The aim of the visit was to meet several stakeholders and discuss their role in the USD 6.8 billion investment that the foundation is providing to the government of Malawi.

Prof. Mouhamadou gave an overview of Bridgin Foundation and how it contributes to the economic, social and industrial development of emerging countries by funding their priority projects and programmes. The USD 6.8 billion investment to Malawi was motivated by the Malawi 2063 agenda and the KUHeS teaching hospital project will be one of the first three projects to roll out as soon as possible.

The Program Director, Christopher Prieels said Malawi has competent people who have the agenda of progress at heart and that Bridgin Foundation would work with such to advance the developmental agenda of the country.

“Malawi stands to benefit a lot from this investment and we are excited to assist the country and we will work with the different institutions to contribute to the attainment of the 2063 goals” said Prieels.

Vice Chancellor for KUHeS, Professor MacPherson Mallewa said he was overjoyed that the KUHeS state of the art teaching hospital city worth USD1 billion is one of the first projects to roll out.

“To be identified as one of the first beneficiaries of this investment is a blessing to us and as a University we will continue to work hard to show the world that we are here to provide first-class health care services and training to Malawians and the rest of the world” said Prof. Mallewa.

The high-tech teaching hospital will be built in Chileka and among others, it will have satellites in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Mangochi. It will be a fully-fledged hospital city with a shopping complex, five-star hotel, recreational facilities, students’ and staff accommodation, conference centre, Green energy, water recycling and treatment centre. The teaching hospital is also expected to improve doctor to patient ratio tremendously and will promote inbound medical tourism in Malawi.

Some of the stakeholders that attended the meeting were banks such as National Bank of Malawi, CDH Investment Bank and NBS Bank.

KUHeS awards researchers during 1st ever Research Dissemination Conference

During the first ever research dissemination conference, the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) and its affiliates Malaria Alert Communicable Disease Action Centre (MAC CDAC), Malawi Liverpool Welcome MLW programme, Centre for Reproductive Health (CRH), Blantyre Malaria Project (BMP) and Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit (MEIRU) announced that it would hold its first ever awards for research excellence. The excellence awards recognised two researchers (one male and one female) who have made astounding contributions to innovation, research, publications, mentorship, funding and policy change in the past year (1st October 2021 to 31st September 2022).

Chairman for the organizing committee for the Research Dissemination Dr. Benjamin Kumwenda said as a new University, it believed in acknowledging cutting edge research and reveling hardworking and upcoming and prominent researchers as part of motivating staff and students.

“It is imperative to award these researchers; these awards will go a long way in serving as a motivation to other researchers and upcoming researchers to work hard in their respective fields” Said Kumwenda.

The research excellence award was given in recognition of KUHeS and its affiliates staff who made significant and astounding impact in the field of research through their professional and mentorship accomplishments. The awardees were those that had earned the respect and admiration of professional colleagues, the general student body and general public.

Apart from the excellence awards, the conference also held an award ceremony to appreciate those that had made good oral and poster presentations. These were categorized into Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD.

In the end, the following emerged winners and were awarded medals, certificates and cash prizes.


Female category: Dr. Linda Alinane Mipando

Male Category: Professor Henry Mwandumba.


Best PhD Oral Presenter: Riches Nicolas

Best Poster presenter PhD: Letisha Suwedi

Best Masters Oral presenter: Prince Nyumwa

Best Masters Poster Presenter: Symon Chiumia

Best Undergraduate Oral Presenter: Nellie Namale

Best Undergraduate Poster Presenter: Edwin Lisimba

First Capital Bank donates towards KUHeS RDC

With less than two weeks remaining before the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences holds its first Research Dissemination Conference, First Capital Bank has come forward to support the university with MK5 million to assist in the preparation of the conference.

The support comes at a time when the university sounded an alarm to call for assistance from its partners and well-wishers.

Head of Marketing and Communications for First Capital Bank Twikale Chirwa said the bank is committed to assist the University which is tirelessly working on new interventions through research. He said a health workforce and nation in general propels the economy of a country.

“KUHeS is home for first capital bank; our relationship dates back to more than 20 years ago as you may recall, the founder for First Capital Bank built one of the school blocks here at KUHeS. Hence when we heard they will be hosting such a conference; we felt the need to assist. Health Research is key for discovering or unlocking breakthroughs and at FCB, health is one of our key priority Corporate Social Responsibility sector hence we needed to donate this money to empower researchers to disseminate their research findings which are significant for the development of the country.” Said Chirwa.

On his part, Co-Chairman for the Research Dissemination Conference organizing committee Dr. Benjamin Kumwenda said the support was very critical and timely as the conference has a lot of financial requirements to be addressed. He said he was also full of gratitude for the support as it was a sign that the university has partners that appreciate the work that researchers at the University do.


UGI supports KUHeS RDC

In a bid to respond to calls for financial support made by the organisers of the upcoming Research Dissemination Conference, the United General Insurance (UGI) has supported the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences Research Dissemination Conference with MK2 million.

Speaking after the symbolic presentation of the cheque, Acting Director for Students Affairs at KUHeS, Dr. Benjamin Kumwenda commended UGI for the gesture which he said would go a long way in helping the organisers of the conference address some of the financial challenges.

“On behalf of KUHeS and the Research Dissemination Organising committee, I am so thankful for this support and would like to urge other partners to assist us” He said.

Chief Operating Officer for UGI MacDonald Chibwe said their support was in response to the calls for support that his office got earlier this year from KUHeS. He said as UGI they appreciate the work that KUHeS is doing in research and training medical personnel in the country.

“Being a fully-fledged university, KUHeS has a lot of projects going on hence it needs partners who can support it towards the attainment of common goals and as UGI we are committed to make such contributions and assist wherever possible.” He said.

KUHeS will hold its first Research Dissemination Conference on 24th-25th November, 2022 at KUHeS, Blantyre campus along Mahatma Gandhi Road. The conference will be held under the theme “Excellence for life: through multidisciplinary research and innovations”.

KUHeS signs MoU with University of Glasgow

Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli who is the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of University of Glasgow, Scotland, delivered his Public Lecture today at KUHeS Blantyre campus under the title ‘The role of universities as drivers of sustainable development within communities and on a global stage’.

It was a powerful and enlightening presentation that focused on, among other sub-topics, how Universities can use research, partnerships and collaborations to contribute to the success of the country. He also said the economic challenges caused by COVID-19 and the Ukraine-Russia war are global hence global challenges require global solutions which can be through partnerships and collaborations.

Among other highlights, KUHES and University of Glasgow have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding. This MOU is meant to cement the already existing relationship between the two universities which has already yielded a state-of-the-art laboratory under the Blantyre-Blantyre Project and the Maldent project just to mention but a few.

Another highlight of the day was the official opening of the state of the art Bt-Bt research facility. This research facility will provide research services such as sample processing, diagnosis, providing lab space to investigators, offering corporate wellness and occupation health.

KUHeS edges closer to new medicines manufacturing

In a bid to mitigate problems arising from the shortage and scarcity of medical supplies, the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHeS) has partnered with Rephaiah, a research focused pharmaceutical company registered in Iceland, to work on the possibilities of manufacturing medicines and other medical supplies locally. This development comes after the two institutions analysed how Malawi failed to provide vital medical supplies for its citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

During the first meeting where the two parties met to iron out areas of co-operation, which took place at KUHeS recently, KUHeS’ Dean of School of Life Sciences and Allied Health Professionals, Associate Professor Arox Kamng’ona said it was a matter of national security to ensure that Malawi is self-sufficient in the supply of medicines and medical supplies. He said the university had placed research and manufacturing of medicine at the top of its deliverables and that it intends to meet this target within the next five years.

 “When COVID 19 hit us, people were asking, where is College of Medicine (as we were known then). And they were justified to ask such questions. As a leading institution housing advanced medicine research experts in this country, we had no locally developed product to help in the fight against Covid-19. All we offered was our expert training in patient care. We were urged by the Minister of Health and the President to rise to the challenge. This meeting is one of the efforts the university is undertaking so the country does not experience the scarcity of medical supplies we experienced during the peak of COVID-19.” Said Kamng’ona. 

He went on to say the University has ambitious strategic plans of establishing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with over 7000 square meters. Construction is projected to start in the first quarter of 2023. When completed, the facility is expected to manufacture vaccines, fluids, antibiotics and pain killers. 

“As a university, we realise we need partners with complementary skill sets and expertise. We have found in Rephaiah a perfect partner” said Kamng’ona, commenting on the partnership with Rephaiah. 

On his part, the founder of Rephaiah Prof Sveinbjorn Gizurarson said Rephaiah’s core business is pediatric medicines because very little medicines are developed with the special needs of children in mind. As a result, clinicians resort to breaking pills just to meet the needed dose for children. Rephaiah aims to change all that by producing child friendly formulations. However, Gizurarson was quick to mention that in Malawi Rephaiah, has been established as a nonprofit pharmaceutical manufacturing entity.

“At the moment, some of these products are made in India, packaged in Mexico and shipped back to Africa for distribution. Everybody agrees this is not cost efficient. We want both the manufacturing and packaging to be done in Africa and Rephaiah has chosen Malawi to be the center of manufacturing these products for distribution across Africa. That is why our drive is “Producing life-saving and life-enhancing medicine for infants and young children in Malawi and Sub-Saharan Africa”. He said.

One of the directors of Rephaiah, Mrs Hellen Chabunya said the company was committed to propelling Malawi as a center of excellence and preferred supplier for medicines in Africa.

Our plan is that Rephaiah will be fully owned and operated by indigenous Malawians once we have full leverage on the global expertise we have with our partners and have trained the necessary people for the sustainable continuity of this business in keeping with our mission and service to Malawi.” Said Chabunya.

Commenting on the partnership with KUHeS, Prof. Sveinbjorn Gizurarson said Rephaiah could not find a better partner than KUHeS. 

As an institution already in the business of providing the best care for patients, Rephaiah and KUHES have shared common values. Rephaiah has the license and expertise to manufacture the medicines and above all we have the market to sell these medicines. There is therefore no need to wait any longer for manufacturing to start”, said Prof Sveinbjorn.”

The two institutions plan to start small scale manufacturing at the current Kamuzu University of Health Sciences site in Blantyre as they wait for the construction of the bigger facility near Chileka airport. The team toured some facilities that can be renovated to meet World Health Organization’s (WHO) standards for manufacturing medicines. 

The two organisations committed to clearing the legal and agreement terms before the end of this year with possible manufacturing commencement in 2023.

Ethanol Company Limited donates Ethanol to KUHeS

Ethanol Company Limited (ETHCO) has donated 400 litres of laboratory-grade ethanol worth 1.5 million Malawi kwacha to the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences’ Biomedical Sciences Department. 

This development follows ETHCO’s anticipatory proactiveness to support institutions and surrounding communities in the post Covid-19 period and it  constitutes the company’s exercise of its core values of people-centeredness and responsibility to foster excellence and scientific innovation. 

Speaking during the handover ceremony at KUHeS on Wednesday 24th August, 2022, Operations Manager for ETHCO, Dereck Zamaere, said despite KUHES being into education and heath sectors which are two of the pillars ETHCO is supporting, they deemed it imperative to support KUHeS with ethanol as the institution is doing a lot in training professionals in the health sector. 

“We thought of making this donation because KUHeS produces quality doctors who contribute to the well-being of our communities and employees” said Zamaere.

On his part, Acting Executive Dean for the school of Life Sciences and Allied Health Professions, Associate Professor Arox Kamng’ona thanked ETHCO for the donation which he said was timely and would go a long way in assisting the department in the teaching of Anatomy and preservation of specimens that are used in teaching Biomedical students.

“This has come at a very critical time as Ethanol is critical in our studies and preservation of specimens hence this donation will go a long way in catering for the department’s needs for a year or more” Said Kamng’ona.