Bachelor of Science in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing (Direct Entry)

Course Description

This is a four -year full time competency-based study programme delivered through direct contact for both theory and clinical practice. Mentorship during clinical attachment is provided by nursing educators, preceptor and mentors to ensure that the learner acquire clinical competencies in the management of clients with mental health and psychiatric disorders/conditions. On successful completion of the programme, the learner will obtain the status of ‘’nurse’’ on registration with the appropriate registering body.

In this programme, the learners will first be introduced to basic nursing science relevant to nursing practice. the second part of the programme will focus on mental health and psychiatric care of clients. Each of these components has the clinical placement aligned with theoretical content

Aims of the program

The program aims to ensure:

  1. Acquisition of knowledge, skills, attributes and behavior that are essential to practice as a competent and accountable registered mental health nurse; 
  2. Ability to manage oneself and participate in inter-disciplinary team working practices 
  3. Development of analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills, and the ability to use and transfer information, knowledge and research to positively influence healthcare outcomes in various settings;
  4. Provision of an educational culture that nurtures the development of professional, intellectual and personal growth;
  5. Ability to create employment opportunities for the self and others in the context of the dynamics of the population and diversity of healthcare settings.
Entry Requirements

Malawi school certificate of education {MSCE}or its equivalent with 6 credits including English, physical science/general science, mathematics and biology 

How to Apply

Students have a choice to apply either through hard copies or online and application is done through the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). 

  • For hard copy applications,

Application forms can be collected from NCHE offices in Lilongwe, all District Commissioners, and District Education Managers offices in all districts across Malawi. The forms can also be accessed on NCHE website as well as the KUHeS website. The form should be filled and submitted to National.

Or download the application form from the National Council for Higher Education website fill it out and send the completed form to National Council for Higher Education, Post Office Box B43, Lilongwe, before the deadline indicated in the advertisement.

  • For online applications,

 apply online through the National Council for Higher Education website by following this link The following documents in electronic format are required for every online application:

a. Identity card;

b. Passport-sized photo;

c. Certificate or result notification slip; d. Proof of payment of application fee.

Per annum

LOCAL            MK400,000.00

For international and self-sponsored studies:

Tuition            4,075,427     5,621     8,825 
Board & Lodge            1,713,960     2,364     2,364 
Book Allowance              155,940         215         215 
Sub-Totals            1,869,900     2,579     2,579 
             5,945,327     8,200   11,405 
Scholarships/ Funding

Not available