All undergraduate generic students are guaranteed accommodation on all University campuses in shared rooms for the duration of their course. The shared rooms include; study table and chair, a bed, wardrobe, toilet and bathtub. The distance from the residence to the classrooms is approximately 100m. Students are therefore required to apply as soon as admission results are out and have been offered a place to study. An application form for accommodation can be downloaded here and a completed form sent to The Registrar, Kamuzu University of Health Science, Private Bag 360, Chichiri Blantyre 3, Malawi, (Attention Assistant Registrar Academic), or electronically to

Please note that accommodation charges are not covered in tuition fees and are required to be paid on a monthly basis, with at least three months in advance. Rooms are allocated according to availability and seniority. The room charges are as follows:

Hostel with single bed and ensuite bathroom and toilet; $200 per month

Hostel with two beds, sharing ensuite bathroom and toilet; $100 per month 

Standard rooms with two beds and communal bathrooms and toilets; $70 per month